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When we request for a quotation, is the price quoted final and binding? How can I ensure there are no hidden charges?

All price quoted is an estimate to give you an idea of the expected cost. The final cost depends on the actual items to replace/service and the price you agree with the workshop.

Can I request for a multiple service?

You can only request for one service for one car at any one time. Once you have completed the transaction, then you can request for another service.

Can I send multiple quotations? *

Yes. You can request a maximum 5 quotation a day per car.

Can I choose a specific workshop?

Yes, you can add list of workshop that you have attended as a Favorite and the list of favorite workshop will get the first request for services.

I added a workshop to my favorite list but when I send a job request, other workshop replied instead of my favorite workshop? WHY?

The favorite workshop will get the first priority to accept the job requests but if the favorite workshop does not respond, the Job Requests by users will be send to other workshops.