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How do I register as a user?

Registering as a user is easy. You can register using your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or create a new account.

Why do I need to give so many details of my car?

You need to provide your car details to enable the workshop to give you the best cost estimate and for the apps to remind you of your car warranty.

Why do I need to give the details of my car insurance?

By providing the detail of your car insurance, CarBengkel app will be able to link you to your insurance company in the unforeseen event of any major accident.

What happen if I did not provide all the car details?

If you only partially provide the car details, you may not be able to use some of the features of CarBengkel. For example, the detail of the insurance company name is required to use the breakdown accident feature. The manufacture year and the year registered is compulsory to use the Scheduler feature.

All the details requested are important for you to make full use of CarBengkel app.