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What is CarBengkel?

CarBengkel is an intelligent mobile application that connects car drivers and authorized OEM workshop as well as specialized workshops for maintenance and repair by leveraging on GPS and push technology.

Why should I use CarBengkel?

CarBengkel Client app was designed tailored-made for car drivers to attend to their car tantrums and save time and money. With CarBengkel, you can have your car serviced and/or repaired from the comfort of your home or office via the car pick-up feature or you can request for an appointment and drive straight to the workshop without having to queue or drive around searching for a workshop. Upon securing an appointment, CarBengkel will guide you to the nearest workshop via Google Map or Waze. You can also request for a quotation and get a cost estimate before a repair. In an unforeseen event your car breaks down, you can send an SOS from your handphone to the nearest workshop for rescue.

Where can I download CarBengkel Mobile application?

You can download CarBengkel Application from either Play Store for Android or Apple Store for iPhones.

I am using a Blackberry, Can I download the CarBengkel mobile application?

Our apps have not been tested for Blackberry. Our next plan is to have our application to be compatible to Blackberry mobile devices.

What phones and OS are compatible with the app?

At the moment, CarBengkel is only available on Google Android and Apple iOS smartphone.

Do you accept virtual, electron, debit or prepaid credit cards?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but because we receive a large amount of fraudulent sign-ups we’ve had to restrict the use of virtual/electron and debit cards in some geographies. We made this decision after finding that up to 80% of abusive sign-ups used these types of cards. If you would like to pay with one of these cards, we recommend using the card to send a payment via PayPal.

Which town and state can I request for car service?

Our network of workshop is throughout the country which means, wherever you are, you should be able to send a job request. However, when the workshops are busy, you may not receive any respond or it can take a longer time for a respond or quotation.

What if the workshop gave me a bad service and cheated me?

You can give a testimony once you have completed the service. The testimony is important for us to re-assess our network of workshop that is registered with us.

I request a pickup job and the mechanic never arrived! What do I do?

We provide you with your mechanic’s information so feel free to call your designated mechanic. If any problems occur, email us at or just press the support button and support team will call you back to assist you.

I don’t have a smartphone. Can I still book?

At the moment, CarBengkel features are only available on Android and iPhones.

How to use the CarBengkel App?

Check out our video to know more: CarBengkel: How It Works [link to video]

Why is my account suspended?

A user account will be suspended if users repeatedly request (more than 5 continuous requests within 24 hours and cancelled a job. We valued our service and place our customers with high regards but sending out fictitious requests will waste productive time.

How many days will I be suspended?

Suspension period vary from 3 days to 7 days.