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Why you should use CarBengkel ?

Save MONEY, Save TIME for all type of car services, repair and breakdown.

Workshop registered with CarBengkel are strictly assessed and their performance
monitored based on clients rating and feedback.

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    Whenever your car breaks down, you can select one of the following options:
  • Locate the nearest workshop nearest to your breakdown area and send SOS request to find your location and rescue you; or
  • Find the nearest tow truck without having to wait for hours; or
  • Call your insurance company for rescue in case of major accident.

    With just 2-taps on your handphone, you can be rescued.

  • Service your car at the comfort of your home or while working at your office.
  • CarBengkel will signal the nearest workshop to pick up your car at your home or office
  • and bring it to the workshop for repair, then send it back to you
  • without you needing to waste anytime waiting and sweating at the workshop.

  • With just 2-taps on your handphone, your car is immediately attended.
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  • You may prefer to drive to the workshop. CarBengKel will navigate you via Waze or
  • GPS Map to the workshop after you made the appointment for an immediate service or
  • when you have a previously arranged appointment.

  • With just 2-taps, you can book an appointment and drive straight to the workshop.

  • CarBengkel will send your Request For Quotation to all registered workshops within your vicinity.
  • Then you can select whichever quotation you are comfortable with and arrange for
  • either the car to be picked up or to drive yourself.

  • With just 2-taps, you can request for quotations from all registered workshop or selective workshop.
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  • If you buy your car from CarBengKel registered sales network, CarBengKel will
  • prompt reminders for you to service your car to avoid your car warranty being void.
  • You can also input your car information and Carbengkel will prompt
  • you a service reminders to ensure your car is properly maintained.

  • Alternatively, registered workshops with CarBengkel can fix an appointment for your car to be serviced and avoid major repair and damage to the car.
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Workshop Benefits

  • Mobile Apps to Increase Traffic to workshop
  • No start-up cost or investment cost
  • No more expensive advertisement cost on cyber or magazines
  • Huge savings on marketing and advertisement cost
  • Easy and friendly to use
  • Access to ready customer for services and repair
  • Customer can easily locate your workshop via GPS Mapping/Waze
  • Get your workshop enlisted in Malaysia’s first mobile Apps network of workshop

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